Prevent Child Abuse America

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children.

We recognize that every day we each have the opportunity to help create the kind of nation we want to live in. We also recognize that when all children don’t have equal opportunity for healthy growth and development, we put our future as a society at risk.


Because of the work being accomplished via the Prevent Child Abuse America chapter network, we know that there are many effective child development efforts being implemented around the country. There are services to focus on shaken baby syndrome prevention, sexual safety and child sexual abuse prevention, peer abuse and bullying prevention, and many more.

And because of the success of our signature home visiting program Healthy Families America, evidence-based home-visiting strategies that are proven to improve child well-being are able to reach nearly 100,000 families every year.


We also know that we can do better, because a focus on innovative and needed services lays the foundation for children’s growth and development that reduces the later possibility of more serious problems from occurring. Our vision is a nation in which no child is ever abused or neglected, and believe that with the help from the public, policy-makers, and corporate partners, that this idea can be made a reality.

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:60 Second Radio PSA

(little girl voice (10 years old) Hi. You may not know me but I am the little girl that rides her bike down the street every day. I ride my bike down to the local restaurant and dig through their garbage just so me and my little brother can eat. You pass me every day. It’s not your fault. You didn’t know. 


(teenage boy voice) I am the captain of my football team at school. These bruises you ask, no they are not from the game. I tell everyone they are, but how would you know any difference. 


(little boys voice (4 years old) Have you seen my mommy? 


(baby) baby cries. 


(Soft Woman Voice)

Child Abuse happens everywhere. You may pass by it every day and not even know. Over 700,000 children a year are going through some sort of abuse. Prevent Child Abuse America is here to open people’s eyes to help the new generation.  We are dedicated to promoting services that improve child well-being in all 50 states. Together, we can help prevent child abuse in America. It’s a movement, it’s a force, it’s not just an organization. For more information or referral call: 1-800-CHILDREN. That’s; 1-800-244-5373. YOU can help prevent Child Abuse.      



:30 second Video PSA


Man walking down street with earphones 



(Man walking in Reverse)


child sadly playing in yard by herself 


back to guy reverse walking


A son and his dad. The dad is in car yelling at his son, hitting him in head 


Back to guy reverse walking


Camera Slows down 


Kid in window crying as he holds a sign saying “Help” 



Goes to man walking “takes headphones off” 



(emotional music playing) 















“Over 700,000 children are abused per year and it can be closer than you think.”


“All it takes is one set of eyes to help the ones that cannot help themselves. 


“Prevent Child Abuse America” 


:15 second Video PSA


Starts at the end of a dark hallway. The only light you see is a crack from the door at the end of the hall. 



The camera slowly goes down the end of the hallway (not stopping) 


Stops at the end of the hallway where you can still see the crack 




Faint baby cry gets louder 





(baby cry in background) 



(baby cry stops) 

Waiting for silence can be too late. Help the One’s who do not have a voice. Prevent Child Abuse America. 1-800-244-5373


Audience Rational 

My audience is anyone who has a soul. Children are the future, but if they are constantly being pushed down, what kind of future will we have. Children do not know how to /or can’t stand up for themselves. These PSA’s are here for people to open their eyes and help be their voice. 

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Liz Cox

Executive Director 


Prevent Child Abuse Iowa