"Help a kid afford a board!"

Skating to the dream

60 second radio PSA

Written by: Ivan Korsakov

My name is Aaron, I am 15 and I am from Gaithersburg, Maryland. My neighborhood is probably one of the worst in the state. A lot of my friends are doing crack cocaine and various other drugs, one of my close buddies got murdered in a drunk fight last year. I see people getting robbed, beaten to unconsciousness, I hear gun shots and people screaming for help all the time. It’s easy to get into a bad company here and start doing some bad stuff.

Steve Caballero, Bam Margera, Ryan Sheckler, and, of course, Tony Hawk – all these skaters have always been my biggest inspirations but I never believed I’d be able to become as cool as they are. I didn’t believe until Tony Hawk Foundation came here, built a skatepark and gave out the brand-new Birdhouse skateboards for free. Ever since my life has changed radically. I got new friends, I learnt how to do a heel flip and I never ever used drugs again. I spend all of my free time here, at a skatepark, and it helps me cope with all negativity around me. This place is my second home.


Other voice: to help Tony Hawk Foundation build more skateparks around the nation and globally, visit tonyhawkfoundation.org. Help a kid afford a board.



Skating from danger

30 second TV PSA

Written by: Ivan Korsakov


A smiling teen leaves his house, locks the door, starts skateboarding. On his way, he meets a drug dealer in hoodie who offers him to buy some drugs. The teen looks at it for couple of seconds closely (close-up shot of his face), nods negatively and rides away. He keeps going, gets a text saying: “Getting wasted tonight?”. The teen replies: “No, thanks”


He keeps skating and arrives to a final destination which is a skatepark.


Slow-motion of the teen shaking hands with his friends, skating with them, laughing, etc.


The video is blurred, Tony Hawk Foundation logo and website appear on the screen.



Worrying music and actual sound from the video.







Music is changed to the positive one.

For over 15 years Tony Hawk Foundation has been building and maintaining skateparks, running events and presenting brand-new skateboards to the young riders from low-income families. For most of them skateboarding is not just a hobby but also a therapy.


If you want to help Tony Hawk Foundation build more skateparks nationwide and globally, go to tonyhawkfoundation.org for details. Help a kid afford a board.


Skating as a therapy

15 second TV PSA

Written by: Ivan Korsakov


Fade in. A teen is filmed from the back. Skatepark at the background.


Various slow-motion scenes of a teen skating, close-ups of his face, slow fade out transitions.


Slow fade out transition to black screen with a logo and a website.


Skateboarding. It’s more than a hobby. It’s more than a culture. When others cry, I skateboard. When others do or sell drugs, I skateboard. I spend all of my free time skating, and it’s thanks to Tony Hawk Foundation.


Other voice: Tony Hawk Foundation. Help a kid afford a board.



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