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"Give back to the planet that has given so much to you."


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Title: "Giving Back"

Author: Marissa Hafner

Length: 60 seconds


(children laughing in the background)

Remember when you were young, playing outside with friends? Climbing trees and rolling down grassy hills. Remember when you first saw the ocean? Blue and beautiful for as far as the eye could see. Remember going to the zoo to look at your favorite exotic animals? Getting so close to lions, tigers and bears.


What if I told you that may no longer be possible?

(sad acoustic music starts)

Children today climb on plastic playgrounds, the tress that had once stood there cut down. They walk on the beach trying to avoid garbage that washes to shore. The animals they see in zoo cages are all alone because they are the last of their species.

This is the only world they know. But we know this is wrong.

The World Wildlife Fund needs your help to clean up the estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic per square mile that pollutes our oceans. We need help to protect the 19 different animals on the Critically endangered species list. We need help to protect the forest ecosystems that has been supporting the growing population for many years.

(music stops)

Give back to the planet that has given so much to you.

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Everyday a wild animal is held behind the metal bars of a zoo cage.


Title: "How will we survive?"

Author: Marissa Hafner

Length: 30 seconds



(open with a shot of food market)

(food begins to disappear)



(tree stumps in cut down forest)

(apples disappearing off shelf)



(garbage in ocean)

(fish disappearing from market)



(shot of many dead bees)

(honey disappearing from shelf)


(black screen, WWF logo fades into view)



(contact information on screen)










Our planet has been taking care of us since the beginning of human life.


But now we are destroying it.


How will we grow fruit if all our trees are gone?




How will we catch fish is our oceans are polluted?




How will be survive if other species are dying?



It's time to take action.

"Give back to the planet that has given so much to you."



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Everyday an aquatic animal suffers from swimming in our garbage.



Title: "Causing Destruction"

Author: Marissa Hafner

Length: 15 seconds



(Shot of birds flying away because of deforestation)

(turtle stuck in garbage)

(rare animal in a zoo)

(polar bear on melting ice cap)

(black screen)


(WWF logo on screen)


















They can't survive because of us.

How will we survive without them?


"Give back to the planet that has given so much to you."


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Everyday a bird loses its home to deforestation.

The World Wildlife Fund Wants To Help

"Give back to the planet that has given so much to you."