Central Iowa Shelter and Services


Audience Rationale: People are going to care because it is important to help and care for the less fortunate people in our society. It is especially important to care for these people during the winter months when living conditions are at its difficult. By working together, we can help improve the quality of life of the homeless by volunteering a fraction of our time or by donating money to our cause.

Mission Statement

Central Iowa Shelter & Services' mission is to provide free shelter and meals to homeless adults regardless of physical or emotional conditions, and to facilitate their move toward self-sufficiency.


Call to Action: Preserving Human Dignity.



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Every year, hundreds of homeless people in Central Iowa spend their winters in the cold due to a lack of shelter. That is why we at Central Iowa Shelter and Services center offer housing and food to these people during this time of need. You too can help make a significant difference in these people’s lives in a variety of ways. Get involved with Central Iowa Shelter and Services by donating to our cause or by simply volunteering a fraction of your time. Volunteers can support our mission by serving meals, running our clothing closet, working the food pantry, helping at the front desk as well as many other ways. If volunteering hours do not work for you, please take a moment to donate to our cause. Both financial and gift donations are greatly appreciated as they help us reach the needs for those in our care. With your help, we will be able to provide these people with so much more than a place to stay. We will provide them with a home. For more information on how to help our cause, call 515-284-5719 or visit our website at www.centraliowashelter.org.

30 Second PSA


VIDEO                                                                              AUDIO

HOMELESS MAN IN WINTER COLD                              Cars whizzing by on the road man is sitting by. Wind



CAR PULLS UP TO MAN AND ROLLS                              NARRATOR: hundreds of people in Central Iowa 

WINDOW DOWN                                                                        suffer from homelessness.

                                                                                                                  WOMAN IN CAR: "Do you need to get someplace                    warm?"


MAN STANDS AND WALKS TOWARDS                       MAN: "Yes, and a meal would be nice too."

THE CAR                                                                                            WOMAN: "Well get in the car, I'll take you to just

                the place."


MAN GETS IN CAR AND CAR DRIVES                          NARRATOR: By volunteering your time to care for the

OFF DOWN THE ROAD                                                          homeless, you can help, improve the lives of so many.


WOMAN AND MAN STOP CAR                                         NARRATOR: With Central Iowa Shelter and Services,

OUTSIDE  A BUILDING AND WALK IN                         you can help make these drastic changes in these 

                                                                                                                 people's lives. With your donations and the time you                                                                                                           spend volunteering with us, these changes can be


NARRATOR: For more information visit our website centraliowashelter.org or call 515-284-5719.

15 Second PSA


VIDEO                                                                        AUDIO

MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN                                 NARRATOR: Every year hundreds of people in Central

BEING SERVED FOOD BY A                                            Iowa spend their winters in the cold due to

MALE VOLUNTEER                                                               homelessness.


WOMAN DONATING MONEY TO                              NARRATOR: Please get involved with the homeless 

A COLLECTION FOR CENTRAL                                    through Central Iowa Shelter and Services by donating

IOWA SHELTER AND SERVICES                                   or volunteering your time.


IOWA SHELTER AND SERVICES                                  NARRATOR: For more information, visit 

LOGO                                                                                             centraliowashelter.org or call 515-284-5719.