UNI Dance Marathon

UNI Dance Marathon is a student run organization that raises money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. Throughout the year, all money that is raised through UNI Dance Marathon is put toward supporting four areas at the hospital; research, education, equipment and enhancements.


 Our year of fundraising concludes with the Big Event in March each year where we announce our fundraising total to be given to the hospital.



PSA Campaign:

60 sec. Radio

VOICE 1: UNI Dance Marathon means being apart of something larger than yourself.

NARR: For the past six years students at the University of Northern Iowa have been participating in a movement that has impacted people in their own community as well as other communities across Iowa. This movement is UNI Dance Marathon.

VOICE 2: UNI Dance Marathon is student-led organization at the University of Northern Iowa that raises funds and awareness for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's hospital.

NARR: UNI Dance Marathon is the largest student organization on campus and just last year alone raised $453,278.00.

VOICE 3: I am so invested in DM's cause because I was a hospital kid once and I feel it is my responsibility as a childhood cancer survivor to give back and continue to fan the flame of hope for the kiddos who are still battling today.

NARR: All donations go directly to the Kiddos in need. To get the full Dance Marathon experience go to uidancemarathon.com and sign up or donate.

VOICE 1: We are.

VOICE 2: We are.

VOICE 3: We are.


ALL: One generation fighting for the next.





Noah Lucy

DM Writing: Non-Profit 30sec. Script


Upbeat music playing. Footage of DM event plays as VOICE 1 speaks.

Footage of DM students playing in a field with Miracle Kiddos.

Various DM Committee meetings are played.

Wide Shot of DM members standing alongside Miracle Kiddos and their families.


VOICE 1:  UNI Dance Marathon supports children and families across Iowa who have suffered/are suffering the pain of childhood illness.

VOICE 2: UNI DM fundraises money for the University Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital that goes towards equipment, medication, and research for children with life threatening illnesses.

NARR: Join us and become apart of something bigger than you could ever imagine. Go to unidancemarathon.com to participate or donate to help a child in need.

ALL: We are one generation fighting for the next.


Noah Lucy

DM Writing: Non-Profit 15sec. Script


Opens with upbeat music and DM member playing with a Miracle Kiddo.

Medium shot of Miracle Family standing in a field.

Medium shot/ close up of DM members dancing with Kiddos.

Close up/ medium shot of family holding a picture of their child in the hospital.

DM member embracing Kiddo and their family.

Wide shot of DM members and Miracle families standing together.

Fade out, DM logo and website appear on screen. Fade out all audio and video.


ALL: We are, one generation fighting for the next.