Roberto Estrella



"You can't live life to the fullest without life living to the fullest."

                                                           -World Wildlife fund.


Title: Sounds like a fantasy

Writer: Roberto Estrella

Length: 60 seconds




Kid: Papa, Will you tell me another bedtime story


Dad: Okay, but after this you need to go to bed


Kid: Yay!


Dad: There once was a world filled with beauty and wonder. A land where you could walk on the beaches without fear of harm. A world clear of smog and filled with the freshest air you could think of. Picture it with me, son. Trees as high as houses if not taller, curious animals running around, roaring rivers carrying thousands of different fish. People could walk outside without fear of breathing in toxins or accidentally tripping over someone else's trash.


Tagline: A clean world doesn't have to sound like a fairytale

Title: An alternate reality

Writer: Roberto Estrella

Length; 30 seconds




Man walking through a forest.  The camera pans around the area


A virtual overlay appears in front of everything saying "Continue?" with a countdown starting at 09


Cut to the man standing in a trashed parking lot in front of a convience store. The Vr headset is connected to a kind of console outside with a sign that says "A better world just .25 away!"




15 Second 


Picture of forest


Picture of beach


Picture of mountains


Black title card with wwf logo that says "lets keep it that way"



Birds chirping, stream running, basic forest sfx


Seagulls, waves rushing


Rushing wind


Dialogue: " looks nice doesn't it?"