Thanksgiving, 2018

At the 2018, Hopper family Thanksgiving dinner, standing from left to right Meg Sitarick, Philip Hopper, Steven Rogers, Hazel Rogers-Hopper, Amy Hopper, Ian Sitarick and Kristen Hopper. Joan Hopper, age 89, is seated.  Meg, Philip, Amy and Kristen are Joan's children. Hazel and Ian are her grand-children. November 22, 2018 - posed


Steve Rogers makes whipped cream for desert the old-fashioned way as other family members observe. On the right Joan Hopper contemplates a glass of wine in a hand-painted wine glass. - Unposed


Damage to Jean Wagner's Kia Sol after striking a deer the evening of November 22, 2018. Jean and her husband, Philip Hopper left a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Amy Hopper at approximately 7:30PM. The police report lists the time of the collision as 7:40PM. A tuft of deer fur is indicated. Photograph was taken November 23, 2018. - unposed and unexpected


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One of the best films ever made about Thanksgiving is Jodie Foster's 1995 film Home for the Holidays.

The trailer is here . The entire film can be rented here.  Enjoy!