Cancer Support Community

Radio Segment: 60 seconds


Interviewer: So how long have you lived with cancer?


Friend: I've been sharing a space with cancer since I was a little kid.


Interviewer: Does it scare you at all today? Even after all of the procedures you've had. 

Friend: You know what the first thought I had when I turned twenty. "Wow, I'm still alive." I never thought I would make it to twelve, fourteen, or really anything beyond that. Out of all the things that I have lost, first my hair, then my teeth, which is something nobody talks about, and some days my strength. I still have my friends, boyfriend, my dog, and my family. Which is all I need.


Interviewer: So is that the key than, support?


Friend: Yes.


Brought to you by the Cancer Support Group. Taking one breath at a time. 

15 Second PSA


Shot one. Wide shot of darkness.


Shot two: Medium shot of Speaker 1, while the light fades in, and then cut to Speaker 2.


Shot three: Cut to Speaker 3, while fading in, and then another cut to speaker 4.


Shot 4: A medium shot of nothing.


Shot five: A wide shot of everyone, with the logo pops in, and then a fade away.



Speaker 1: It took my hair.


Speaker 2: My teeth have fallen out.


Speaker 3: My strength is gone.


Speaker 4: It's here with us, but where are you?


Everyone: Support!


Narrator: Brought to you by the Cancer Support Group. One Breath at a time.



30 Second PSA



Shot 1: Opening shot, medium shot of a women getting up. 


Shot 2: Pan shot follow the mother, while she walks over to get a wig


Shot 3: Over the shoulder of the mother brushing her teeth.


Shot 4: Close up of the mother putting fake finger nails on.


Shot 5: Wide shot of the kitchen. Mother on the phone receiving horrible news. 



Audio: Alarm clock, dog barking, child yelling, and the sound of bedsheets.


Audio: Same sound effects as the last shot.



Audio: Sound of brushing teeth, and a tooth falling out.



Audio: Same sound as the first two scenes.



Mother: It's back


Narrator: We all need support. Please join the cancer support group. One breath at a time.