A central idea we will deal with during the Fall 2022 iteration of Digital Media Analysis is how we construct our realities or cultures.

Several models for understanding what culture is have been suggested, including the The Iceberg and The Onion models. 


In addition to the Cultural Studies textbook assigned to the class this will also include discussions about Baudrillard's simulacrum and simulation theory

The shared G-Drive with the syllabus is here and course schedule is here. The course schedule is a shortcut to course readings and assignments. You will also create individual folders with your names on them for submitting digital file versions of your assignments. (Hard copies are also due in class.)

The on-line Kindle reader version of our textbook: Cultural Studies: A Graphic Reader is here. (You'll need an Amazon account to log in and use it. The textbook cover is below. The readings are all in PDF form on our shared DM Analysis G-Drive here


Donna Haraway's Cyborgs: we are facing a new boundary (really a blurring) between science fiction and social reality which is a "no-man's land inhabited by cyborgs". Here's a taste. 


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