Digital Media Lighting Demo: F/22

 For my personal item, I hand my memorial technoblade sweatshirt. This sweatshirt isn’t old or meaningful in the sense that it was a gift but more of a reminder. Technoblade was a popular YouTuber who made Minecraft videos. He was one of my favorite content creators and he helped me through a lot of bad times I didn’t know him on a personal level but He was a big inspiration and proof you can make a job out of a passion.

The personal object that I decided to wear to the lighting shoot on Thursday was my Come From Away shirt. This shirt is rather personal to me because it represents one of my biggest passions, theater. Come From Away is a musical that is currently showing on Broadway, and I got to go see it live a few months ago in New York City. I specifically remember this trip as well as it was the last major trip I took with my family before going to college, and the shows I saw while I was there were very inspiring and a ton of fun! It was so much fun in fact, that that trip, as well as the musicals that I performed in while in high school, were enough to make me want to pursue theater performance as well as digital media production. Due to this, the shirt from that show holds a very special place in my heart.

For my important article of clothing I chose a necklace that my friend Chastity gave to

me. She got it for me for Christmas last year and everytime i wear it I think of her and it makes my day. She's one of my best friends but I almost never see her because she lives in Iowa City and has a super busy life. If I would have gotten the necklace for myself I don't think it would hold the same meaning, and that's why it's special. Just her simple act of kindness through the necklace shows the significance of how much she means to me and my love for her.

The flannel I wore was a gift that I received for being a bridesmaid in my brother and sister in law’s wedding. All of the bridesmaids got matching flannels to wear so we could match while getting ready and also because the wedding took place in february and it was cold. I wear it because it reminds me of happy memories. The necklace I wore was a christmas gift I got from my other brother. It was one of the first christmas presents he ever got me so I wear it as much as possible. It was surprising because I didn’t think he even knew what year I was born in.

I brought my One Direction bracelet to class as a representation of something important

to me. This bracelet is important to me for three different reasons. The first one is simply because I love One Direction. They are my favorite band of all time. The second reason is more emotionally involved. My dad gave me this bracelet for my 11th birthday. I remember being so excited that I had gotten a gift of something with One Direction on it. Looking back on it now, this bracelet reminds me of a time when my dad sought out something I would love for my special day all on his own. Tying into this, my final reason why this bracelet is important to me is because of the positive reflection it has on my childhood. Overall, when I see this bracelet, it makes me think of such a happy time in my life.

An Iced Dirty Chai (a chai latte that that has espresso in it) with Decorative Guard (pumpkin spice) flavor with vanilla syrup and oat milk. This is my favorite drink from Sidecar Coffee which happens to be my current place of employment. My go to coffee order is an iced dirty chai, and now that it's autumn I like to add a few fun flavors. Fall is my favorite season and this drink just tastes like I’m sipping on fall. 

The personal item I brought to class was my olive Ivy Cap. I got it for Christmas from my parents. I wanted the hat because it looks old-fashioned. My church has hosted what they call old-fashioned Sunday, which is basically where everyone has to wear old-fashioned clothes. I thought this hat would fit in, and it looks cool anyway. 

My red and black denim jacket is a close item to me because I initially got it from my friend back in high school. They used to wear it sometimes and eventually they got newer clothing, so they gave it to me. I and my friend used to hang out a lot with each other and he would always wear that before he gave it to me. Every time I wear it, I get a nostalgic feeling since I used to wear it a lot in highschool but not that much anymore. I tend to get more compliments when I wear it so I try to wear it when I can. 


The personal item I chose to write about is the glasses that I wear. When I was a kid, it took me a long while to finally get glasses that fit my prescription. Prior to that, I would always get close to the television because everything was blurry. I was nervous when I finally got my glasses in elementary school, because it meant having to wear something completely different than I was used to. However, I later realized that it made me who I was, and that it also helped me in many situations that I previously was unable to see in. Glasses became a part of how I looked, and I have been wearing them for about fifteen years at this point. I have tried thin glasses and thick glasses, and I ended up going with the thick glasses that I wear today. Glasses are not for everyone, but I can safely say that they work for me.

The personal item I brought to class is my iPhone 13 Pro. I choose this item because it has so many important things on it such as memories. My entire life I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of myself, nature, or others so my phone is filled with photos. I have 8,681 photos on my phone which are more than most have. I love to capture moments most people don’t think of capturing... like a random Ice Cream run or Cows on a prairie. My favorite photos on my phone are pictures of my two nephews who are my world. My phone is the only tool I can take photos on because I don’t have a camera and that is why it’s significant to me.


The item that I brought was an Arizona Wildcat t-shirt. This is one of my many shirts that  have different colleges. Some of the colleges that I have a shirt from include UNI, Iowa, Iowa State, Oregon State, Clemson, Villanova, etc. I started doing this during my freshman year of high school because I am a big college basketball and football fan growing up with the Alabama dynasty and with players such as Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson, Braxton Miller, etc. Plus, a lot of these colleges such as Florida and Oregon State, have really cool logos so that made me want to acquire these teams shirts to add to a collection.


The personal item that I will be writing about is my Seattle Seahawks shirt. The shirt itself does not mean that much to me, but what it represents is important. I have been a Seahawks fan my whole life and football is my favorite sport to watch. Nobody else in my family are Seahawk fans but I just chose them when I was a kid cause they had cool colors. I also chose them cause my cousins are 49er fans so I picked them to make them mad. I have been through the highs and the lows with them. I feel like a part of the team. I try to wear as much Seahawk stuff as possible because there aren't that many of us in Iowa.