Digital Media Production I

COMM DM 1651 Course Description: Introduction to digital audio, video, and multimedia production concepts and technologies. Emphasis on basic production techniques, production terminology, and communication with media users.

Objectives: This course is part of a comprehensive two-course sequence: Digital Media Production I (COMM DM 1651) and Digital Media Production II (COMM DM 2651). Both are required for the Digital Media Production major. 



The big technical overview, Functions and Principles of the Camera, is here for anyone to download.

The class is about storytelling. From simple News packages to complex feature films and interactive games a story must be told. One of the oldest stories in human history is the hero's journey. 


See class projects on Vimeo. 


My personal Vimeo account is here.


My Youtube "channel" is here but hasn't been updated in quite some time.


Aristotle's Poetics form the basis for an understanding of the components of storytelling. A good short introduction is here in a short video. 


Beyond the poetics of tragedy lies a larger body of Aristotle's work discussed here



 Moviola offers filmmaking resources, including free Da Vinci Resolve tutorials.

 Online resources related to our Making Media textbook are HERE. 


The trailer for A Quiet Place is here. 

A bit about Foley Walkers and A Quiet Place is here.

The trailer for A Quiet Place II is here

Over one-hundred years at the dawn of moving pictures ago a train came into a station and was recorded by a Lumiere camera operator. A documentary about the Lumiere brothers is here.

Much later, "that train don't stop here anymore". Check out the song by Los Lobos.