DM I Portraits Spring/19

The depth-of-field (DOF) Powerpoint is here.

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My golf gear is of importance to me. All through high school I was a member of the golf team, so I was on the course a lot. Golf is a way for me to relax and have fun at the same time. If I’m having a hard time with something, I can head out to the course to relax. When my buddies and I were looking for something to do, we grabbed our clubs and met up on at the clubhouse. There are times when I’m not playing well and want to quit, but it’s the excitement of hitting a great shot that keeps me playing. My gear isn’t important because it is new or a particular brand, what makes it important to me is what it represents and the memories I make when I use it.


I chose a bracelet as my important item. The bracelet is silver with a little bee charm hanging from it, and the wings on the bee read “Queen Bee.” I was given this bracelet as a thoughtful gift from a friend because she knew I would love the meaning behind it. My grandma was known by everyone as the “Queen Bee” for as long as I can remember. She passed away unexpectedly when I was 14 which was difficult because we were so close and she was my role model. She was and still is someone I look up to everyday for the way she so deeply loved Jesus, her family, and everyone she met. This bracelet is very meaningful and is a sweet reminder of my grandma, the Queen Bee.

Taylor Palmer


I received a bracelet from my friend when she was forced to go to a Christian concert. She was bored but then she saw a bracelet with an anchor on it and bought it because she said it reminded her of me. That's why it is important to me, because she was thinking of me during a "tough time".


My phone is the reason why I go where I go on time because it’s also my alarm clock. The way I contact my teachers is also from my phone, it’s a true statement when I say that my phone organizes my everyday life and without it, I would be lost. I also use it to set reminders and organize my schedule of what I must do each day, so I don’t forget all the time. If I need to travel somewhere and I don’t know where it is then I will need my phone in order to get there via GPS. Lastly, my phone is used for entertainment (Social media and games) and keep in touch with my friends and family. 


Something that has a lot of meaning to me is a necklace my boyfriend had given to me in spring of 2018. It is a bar with a heart dangling from it. Engraved in it is Love You More. This is important to me because ever since I got the necklace I rarely take it off. He found it in a gift shop while on a trip in Springfield, Illinois so it isn’t expensive and surely not meant to be worn everywhere but the wear and tear makes me love it more. When we tell each other we love them we will compete on who loves who more. “Love you more to infinity times infinity” or something similar. We aren’t realistic with our made-up numbers but it is something we do so whenever I see something that says, ‘love you more” it makes me think of him. 


For my personal item, I chose my 9 year old Great Dane Lab mix Bear. I rescued Bear on June 10 2018. On that day, I discover that the first six years of his life was tired to a tree in Florida. Then he was adopted and sent back a few times until we met. Bear is the sweetest dog I've ever had in my life. He's vocal about when he needs to go outside or when he wants attention. But after than, he is just the sweetest. The best example is when I brought Bear to my friend’s house, Bear would rest his head on the couch and wait for permission to get up. After my friend said yes, Bear would climb up and be resting his head on my friends lap. I plan my day out with school and work, but everyday, I take Bear for a walk. Even during the cold weather in Iowa, those walks are best part of my day and I'm thankful for having such a gentle giant Bear as my pet. 


Give a climber a carabineer and he will find a use for it. It really is amazing that something so small can hold your life while dangling over a 3,000-foot drop. A lot of people overlook a simple carabineer, but not someone like me. I love them so much I even have one tattooed on my arm. 


This journal doesn’t look like much, but it’s important to me. It’s not the most impressive, nor was it expensive; I got it in the Barnes and Noble at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s important to me because I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since I was young and I find inspiration every day. I always carry a notebook with me to write down ideas or things I’ve heard to save them for later. I’ve just finished another notebook, and this one is the next one I’m planning to fill.